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Nutrition Think Tank – Lab Results and Report

Here is a before- and after- summary of the lab data for the 2004 Nutrition Think Tank, which was led by Dr. Ron Rosedale.  Labs tests were generously donated by Esoterix Lab (now Nichols Lab, I think), and included a standard cholesterol panel plus more in-depth tests, such as for the hormones leptin and insulin. …

Nutrition Think Tank – Part 6 – Fat Burners

In August, 2004, the Nutrition Think Tank has been on a low-carb, adequate protein, high-quality fat diet for roughly 6 weeks.  Many participants report their bodies are now “fat-burners,” instead of metabolically depending on carbohydrates.  Spirits are high as Think Tank members tell Dr. Ron Rosedale about losing weight, seeing blood pressure drop, and other benefits.  In addition to enjoying the…

Nutrition Think Tank – Part 5 Withdrawal Symptoms

Listen (roughly 1 hour) This recording takes place about three weeks into the 2004 Boulder Nutrition Think Tank healthy eating program.  Some people are feeling great, with high energy and a significant reductions of symptoms such as aching joints, water retention, high blood pressure and so on.  But others are feeling LESS energy, headachey or…

Diabetes Education – Good or Bad?

A 2008 Duke University has shown that standard diabetes education fails to reduce high blood sugar, high blood pressure,  obesity and heart attacks.  But what about non-standard education?  Listen – 30 Minutes

Ron Rosedale – Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects

One thinks of insulin as strictly to lower blood sugar. Today in the clinic there was a patient listing off her drugs, she listed about eight drugs she was on and didn’t even mention insulin. Insulin is not treated as a drug. In fact, in some places you don’t even need a prescription, you can just get it over the counter, it’s treated like candy.