Deborah Krueger – Dishonest Food Labels on Fox News “Shame-Shame-Shame”


Even though you can still see “Carb Krunchers” on Amazon, the popular “low-carb” bread appears to be discontinued.  One likely reason may be whistleblowers, such as Deborah Krueger.  Krueger has been a one-woman powerhouse working to get accurate labeling information on low carb products.  She warns that the indusctry is rampantly filled with dishonest product claims that are dangerous for diabetics, since the product labels often indicate far fewer carbs than the product really has. Additionally, the FDA has offered little oversight to require honest and accurate labeling of carbs on these products.  Despite all these challenges, Krueger has succeeded in getting national publicity for the issue of false “low-carb” labeling claims.  Fox News recently featured Krueger in the nationally syndicated TV show, Shame Shame Shame.  GO HERE to see the interview with Deborah Krueger.  If that doesn’t take you straight to the video, in the search box on that page, put in the search term:  dishonest food labels.

Some low-carb food makers are taking heed, and paying to get their products tested for carbs at official food labs that can certify the carbs and other ingredients in the product.  But this is NOT a required step for food makers, so for now, buyer beware dishonest food labels.  — Shelley