October 2005 Glucose Tolerance Test

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MMD 2005-10 GTTI failed my second 2-hour glucose tolerance test.  Failing two tests makes a diagnosis of diabetes even more official.  The chart here shows my October 2005 test as the thick red line, and my test 4 months earlier as the thin, light red line for comparison.

Fasting blood sugar:  71 (normal)

1-hour blood sugar:  217 (diabetic)

2-hour blood sugar: 221 (diabetic)

In addition to having my blood sugars measured during this test, I paid to have my insulin levels checked. This insulin measure showed that rather then being a Type II diabetic, meaning my body was producing plenty of insulin but my cells were insulin resistant, I was an early Type 1 diabetic, meaning my cells were sensitive to the signal of insulin, but I wasn’t producing enough of it to handle sugar loads.  My endocrinologist observed that my pancreas was red-lining already in its production of insulin, and this was likely to be stressing it, which would lead it to burn out.  Here are my insulin levels during the test:

Fasting insulin level:  3.0

1-hour insulin level:  3.0

2-hour insulin level:  3.0

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