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Ron Rosedale – Fiber – Need It or Not?

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We know a lot about what’s needed to be healthy . . . if only people wouldn’t keep messing with it. And by one example of “messing,” I mean the big emphasis today on adding into the diet more, so-called “safe starches.” – Ron Rosedale, MD

FDA Slaps Major Restrictions onto Avandia

The FDA has announced that it will significantly restrict Avandia to Type 2 diabetics who cannot control their diabetes on other medications. Now, why doesn’t the FDA suggest something BETTER than medications? And why does Avandia work in such a risky way?

Death by Calcium?

The more osteoporosis a person has, the greater the risk of having calcium in the arteries. They have the calcium. It’s just going in all the wrong places because the body has lost the instructions about where to put it. It’s going to go into your arteries and your kidneys and your gall bladder and cause lots of trouble.