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Some Cardiologists Agree – It’s not all about cholesterol

  Here’s a good summary of a recent call-in show I hosted on KGNU-Boulder — Shelley . . . From Dr. Jeff Gerber’s blog Jamie Doucet, MD is a local Cardiologist from Boulder Colorado who actually knows a thing or two about nutrition and heart disease prevention.  I (Jeff Gerber) had a chance to meet with Dr. Doucet…

Alzheimer’s Disease and Diet – Sam Henderson’s “Milkshake” Idea

LISTEN: Ketogenic Diet and Alzheimers – Sam Henderson Sam Henderson is back in the news, with the Wall Street Journal reporting on his new  Axona “milkshake” that provides medium chain triglycerides for better memory in people with mild cognitive impairment.   We’ll share a recent interview with Henderson soon, but in the meantime, here’s one from…

FDA Slaps Major Restrictions onto Avandia

The FDA has announced that it will significantly restrict Avandia to Type 2 diabetics who cannot control their diabetes on other medications. Now, why doesn’t the FDA suggest something BETTER than medications? And why does Avandia work in such a risky way?

Hospital Blood Sugars – Christopher Fox, MD

Keep your blood sugars low in the hospital, and you may heal faster.  That’s the take-home message from this talk, presented by Chistopher Fox, MD, of Boulder Endocrinology in Colorado.  Dr. Fox gave this presention at a diabetes education symposium in Boulder around 2008. Listen – Hospital Blood Sugars (30 minutes)