Thermogenesis – Not So Good For Health – Ron Rosedale

LISTEN (30 Minutes) Ron Rosedale, there are about a thousand ways that a person can look at health research and a thousand details to check.  It’s so confusing. To understand how we work and how our metabolism works, what if we start by figuring out what questions to ask?   RON ROSEDALE:  – Sorting through confusion—that’s…

Ron Rosedale/Dean Ornish Debate from 1999

     LISTEN (30 minutes) Well over a decade ago, in 1999, Ron Rosedale and Dean Ornish agreed to meet for a debate that I recorded for KGNU Boulder/Denver about what’s healthier – a low fat, or a high fat diet.  

July 2012 Glucose Tolerance Test – Passed!

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Here are the numbers from my July 2012 Glucose Tolerance Test.  In this test, I passed and have, according to medical measurements, normal blood sugars throughout the test.  In 2005, I failed two glucose tolerance tests.  That earned me the diagnosis of Diabetic.  And on the 2nd test in 2005, I paid extra to have…