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Amber O’Hearn – Carnivore for Health (Part 1 of 3)

Note from Shelley – Seven years ago, Amber O’Hearn wanted to lose weight, so she decided to stop eating plants for a few weeks.  She did lose weight.  But something else unexpected happened.  On this “zero carb” no-plant diet, Amber’s 20-year struggle with major depression and bipolar disorders went away.  Since then, Amber’s stayed on her diet.…

Denver Diet Doctor Jeff Gerber

Since low-carb diets are not recommended by the American Diabetes Association or the USDA, it can be challenging to find a doctor who supports a patient making this choice. Instead, many people who switch to low-carb diets report that when their bloodwork comes back better than ever, their doctor congratulates them on FINALLY doing a low-FAT diet!

High-fiber foods and blood sugar – Quest Protein Bar Interview

LISTEN TO INTERVIEW (30 MINUTES) Editor’s note – “High-fiber, low-net carb” products are often marketed as helpful for keeping blood sugars low.  The idea that a consumer can subtract the “fiber” carbs from the “total carbs,” to figure out “net carbs,” seems logical on first glance.  But like a growing number of  health experts and…

Cake? Cashews? Visualize Kidney Dialysis

Since changing my diet, not only do I feel 20 years younger than ever before, my mind is sharper and I have a greater capacity to work with people and to think and to function better than I can remember. – Barry Erdman

Dick Williams – Eating Your Heart Out?

  Here’s an interview with Dick Williams, co-author with Binx Selby and Linda Fong of a new e-book Eating Your Heart Out?, and why he believes there are many big fat lies about heart disease.  The interview with Dick broadcast on the KGNU Boulder-Denver Science Show, How on Earth.  Scroll about 10 minutes into the…