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Ron Rosedale: Why Calcium Supplements Increase Heart Attacks

Download Video (7 Minutes) Here is a radio broadcast explaining why taking calcium supplements might increase the risk of heart attacks while doing little to promote stronger bones.  It references research such as that in the British Medical Journal, and it features an explanation by Ron Rosedale.  Thanks to Fiona Westby for producing this video.

FDA Slaps Major Restrictions onto Avandia

The FDA has announced that it will significantly restrict Avandia to Type 2 diabetics who cannot control their diabetes on other medications. Now, why doesn’t the FDA suggest something BETTER than medications? And why does Avandia work in such a risky way?

Death by Calcium?

The more osteoporosis a person has, the greater the risk of having calcium in the arteries. They have the calcium. It’s just going in all the wrong places because the body has lost the instructions about where to put it. It’s going to go into your arteries and your kidneys and your gall bladder and cause lots of trouble.

Livin’ La Vida Interview with Ron Rosedale

Here’s a lovely interview between Jimmy at Livin’ LaVida, and Ron Rosedale.  Good introduction to this dietary approach, with thought-provoking observations about medicine, science, where they meet up, and where they don’t. Go to Jimmy’s Interview

Ron Rosedale – Insulin, Leptin and the Control of Aging

First, you hear a lot about paleolithic nutrition, the idea being that ancient man can tell us how to be healthy. That we need to go back to our ancient roots and eat like they did, and then we’ll be healthy. But you have to go back even further and understand what Nature is after.

Ron Rosedale – Protein: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Life is a constant battle between damage and damage control. If we could repair damage as fast as it occurs, we would live forever. Ultimately, unfortunately, we damage the damage control mechanisms, and that’s really what does us in. Excess protein actually increases damage and reduces our ability to repair it, so it’s a double whammy.