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Some Cardiologists Agree – It’s not all about cholesterol

  Here’s a good summary of a recent call-in show I hosted on KGNU-Boulder — Shelley . . . From Dr. Jeff Gerber’s blog Jamie Doucet, MD is a local Cardiologist from Boulder Colorado who actually knows a thing or two about nutrition and heart disease prevention.  I (Jeff Gerber) had a chance to meet with Dr. Doucet…

Julian Bakery Whistleblower Starts New Website

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Net Carb or Net Farce?

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Net Carb or Net Farce?For those of you who wonder how much you can trust the labeling on Low Carb foods, here’s a cautionary tale from Deborah Krueger, who became so suspicious of the “low-carb” breads from Julian Bakery, she started testing them on herself…

Ron Rosedale – Neurodegenerative Disease, Hormones and Diet

Listen (61 Minutes) Ron Rosedale, there is an increasing rise in neurodegenerative diseases right now. That’s not what we want. RON ROSEDALE No, we don’t want diseases, period. Unfortunately, it is part of life. The major problem is not that we’re getting the diseases, but that we’re getting them more frequently and younger. The rise…

Ron Rosedale – Healthy Bones

LISTEN – Ron Rosedale on Healthy Bones part 1 (39 Minutes) LISTEN – Ron Rosedale on Healthy Bones part 2 (32 Minutes) Here’s an in-depth conversation with Ron Rosedale about how bones evolved, and what kind of hormone signaling helps bones stay healthy. Ron Rosedale, recently, health news has featured many articles that have to…

Ron Rosedale: Why Calcium Supplements Increase Heart Attacks

Download Video (7 Minutes) Here is a radio broadcast explaining why taking calcium supplements might increase the risk of heart attacks while doing little to promote stronger bones.  It references research such as that in the British Medical Journal, and it features an explanation by Ron Rosedale.  Thanks to Fiona Westby for producing this video.

FDA Slaps Major Restrictions onto Avandia

The FDA has announced that it will significantly restrict Avandia to Type 2 diabetics who cannot control their diabetes on other medications. Now, why doesn’t the FDA suggest something BETTER than medications? And why does Avandia work in such a risky way?