Loren Cordain – Paleo Diet Podcast

2011-11 Loren Cordain

Good news – Loren Cordain, founder of the Paleo Diet movement, is doing his own monthly podcasts now.  They feature music from one of Loren’s favorite Celtic composers and musicians, and lots of topics that are intriguing, both for their science and for Loren’s perspective.  You can hear the newest ones and get a great deal more information by becoming a subscribing member at thepaleodiet.com.

AND, you can hear less recent (basically a year old) podcasts for free, through I-Tunes and also through Thepaleodiet.com, where there is the added benefit of full transcripts of the interviews.  I’ve been helping Loren with these podcasts for the last few years and would be interested in learning what topics you find most helpful. Here are three examples, and also, clicking on them will show you how to find the podcasts – and transcripts, on Loren’s website.

Eggs and Allergies

Milk and Prostate Cancer

Why “Grass” Isotopes in Ancient Hominid Tooth Enamel does not “Prove” they ate grass

– Shelley