Denver Diet Doctor Jeff Gerber

Jeff Gerber (Left) with Gary Taubes (Right) photo by Barry Erdman


Since low-carb diets are not recommended by the American Diabetes Association or the USDA, it can be challenging to find a doctor who supports a patient making this choice.  Instead, many people who switch to low-carb diets report that when their bloodwork comes back better than ever, their doctor congratulates them on FINALLY doing a low-FAT diet!

Denver Diet Doctor Jeff Gerber prefers to support patients who go low-carb.  On Wednesday, April 4th, Gerber will present a talk at the Boulder Community Hospital on High Fat, Low Carb diets for weight loss and for the treatment of heart disease and diabetes.  Known as the Denver Diet Doctor, Gerber has been using a high fat, low carb diet to promote wellness in his patients for over a decade.  The Wednesday evening talk at Boulder Community Hospital is free and open to the public.  It starts at 7 PM and takes place at Boulder Community Hospital in the Gene Wilson Conference Room, on the basement level of the hospital’s Medical Pavilion Building, at 1155 Alpine Avenue.

If you can’t come , or you want a sneak preview about it, or  you want ideas about how to encourage YOUR doctor to support high fat diets, then listen in:

Listen to Jeff Gerber (30 Minutes)

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  1. Nola Melcher
    April 7, 2012 at 6:48 am

    Thanks for this great interview with Jeff Gerber. It’s so hard to dislodge that old Weight Watcher-US Govt thinking about calories and fat, but maybe with a guardian angel like you I can do it. Bless those of you who are making a dent in the diabetes explosion.

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