David Mendosa’s Quick Stuff from the Grocer

This entry is part 3 of 14 in the series Low Carb Pot Luck

David Mendosa’s “straight-from-the-store” offerings were part of a pot luck conducted by the Boulder Very Low Carb Diabetes Support Group, where we encouraged people to bring “tasting” size portions with no more than 5 grams carb in an actual serving, and smaller samples still for more tastings.  For a meal, you’d probably go for a larger serving.

Dona Maria Nopales (tender cactus) – 1 jar (30 ounces)
Serves 30 people, 1 ounce (roughly 2 Tb) each

Calories:  5
Fat: 0 g.
Protein:   0 g
Carbs:  1 g

Chicharones / Deep Fried Pork Rinds (Pig Skins)
Serving Size – about 10 pieces, or roughly 21 grams (1 ounce)

FOR EACH 10 pieces
Calories:  90
Fat: 4 g.
Protein:   10 g
Carbs:  0 g

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