Nutrition Think Tank – Part 4 Q&A

MMD NTT part 4 QA

This is the first question-answer session with Dr. Ron Rosedale, where he clarifies the nuts and bolts of undertaking a healthy eating program.  It also includes a toast to cod liver oil.

In these recordings, you’ll often hear the sound of someone speaking Spanish in the background.  That’s bilingual experts such as Pilar, translating for the Spanish speaking Think Tank members.




This Q & A includes more of the science of why a low-carb, high-quality fat diet can be beneficial for many people, along with situations to be alert about, including the need to monitor symptoms very closely for people on medications, since medication needs can change very quickly once someone’s eating a healthier diet.  Dr. Rosedale emphasizes that everyone should be in contact with their primary care physicians, and also he recommends that people check in with his office for nutritional/supplement advice.

Like all Think Tank participants, Dr. Rosedale volunteered his time to assist with this effort, so that more people, including families of limited income, could have access to information about how to eat a healthy, low-carb, high fat diet . . . information which is not easily available to people today through public health and nutrition programs.  To help in this effort, the Family Learning Center donated the space and supplies for these meetings for free.  Meanwhile, Pilar Aguilar,  the adult outreach coordinator at the Learning Center, attended all lectures to learn about health and nutrition. Pilar considered this knowledge important because diabetes, obesity and heart disease are increasingly common among Latino families in America, and she believes something needs to be done to help them more that what’s available today.  Pilar volunteered to be lead translator for Spanish speakers attending these Think Tank meetings.

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